10 Year-Old Sister Went Missing As 15 Year-Old Brother Was Arrested For Murder

A 15 year-old boy called Fredrick Lochridge killed his 10 year-old sister Izabella Heffernan. He was questioned after his sister disappeared, his father noticed Fredrick’s weird behaviour and knew he was behind it. Izabella was found dead in a white dress in a field around their home, reports claimed that Fredrick had shot his sister. He apparently cleaned up the blood and dressed her in a white dress, laid her down in the fields and pretended that he had nothing to do with it.

He was arrested and charged with murder, as officers say it was like speaking to a 30 year-old murderer. Izabella’s parents were devastated but his mother had been involved in a murder before which may have had an impact on Fredrick.


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