22 Year-Old Real Life Sleeping Beauty Can Sleep For Months At A Time

A real life Sleeping Beauty, 22 year-old Beth Goodier suffers from Sleeping Beauty Syndrome as she falls asleep months at a time. Beth struggles to have a normal life as she lacks understanding of the world and feels very weak. She rests in her bed at home while her parents make sure to be very quiet around the house. Sleeping Beauty Syndrome usually begins in teenagers but the effects wear off when the body grows into an adult. But Beth still waits for the day that she can have a normal sleeping pattern which won’t get in the way of her favourite activities such as walking and climbing.

Beth’s parents have a hard time dealing with her syndrome as they say she can act like a baby at times with throwing tantrums. But they make sure not to disturb her sleeping pattern as they know it may put her body into shock.


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