A 12 Year-Old Girl Kicked And Punched Her Way To Defence As Carjacker Tried To Kidnap Them

A car accident which could have led into something much worse, Brandie Weiler was driving with her two daughters when she spotted a car accident. She stepped out of her car when she saw a car accident had just passed her seconds away, she went out to help but she left her door open. In the meantime a carjacker who was a passenger from one of the car’s involved in the car accident jumped into Brandie’s car as he attempted to drive off.

But Maddie Weiler her 12 year-old girl daughter decided that she wasn’t going to let the carjacker get his way so easily. So she put the car into “drive” as it disabled the ignition, then started to kick and punch him. She wanted to protect herself and her younger sister who was sitting in the back, so he fought off the carjacker as he gave up. Brandie was shocked at how something terrible could happen to her daughters within seconds of leaving her car, she is very proud of her daughter for being a fighter but warned her about the dangers of defence.


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