A 12-Year-Old Girl Shocks Simon Cowell As She Starts To Sing. He Almost Doubted Her Talent

Beau Dermott who is only 12 years-old bravely came onto stage for Britain’s Got Talent. She seemed quite nervous at first when the judges spoke to her, especially when she saw Simon Cowell’s facial expressions. As Simon Cowell did not expect to be impressed by the girls voice. She daringly chose to sing a cover of “Defying Gravity” from the musical ‘Wicked’ which is pretty difficult to sing, but as soon as she started her performance, she impressed the judges! She began to gain more confidence as the audience cheered on for her and the judges facial expressions changed.

One judge Amanda Holden was so amazed with her wonderful performance that she could not help but press the Golden buzzer which released golden confetti. This brought Beau into tears as she could not believe she had won the judges hearts, her mother backstage was very shocked. What a beautiful performance!

Take a look for yourself, she’ll even win your heart!


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