A 13 Year-Old Girl Met A Stranger On The Internet Who Then Became Her Murderer

A 13 year-old girl called Nicole Lovell was killed by two Virginia Tech students who seemed like normal teenagers. Nicole had signed up to a dating website for teenagers without her parents’ consent, that’s where she met David Eisenhauer online as they later exchanged details to meet in real life. But Nicole had no idea about the dangers of meeting people online as he soon became her murderer, Nicole’s father was worried sick about her. David Eisenhauer got the help of his friend Natalie Keepers to dispose of Nicole’s body, as the two were later arrested and were behind bars.

Volunteers from the Virginia Tech engineering department stepped in and used a drone to trace the footsteps in the woods, from there they were able to locate the area of her dead body. Nicole’s parents were left devastated as they couldn’t understand why two teenagers would kill their innocent daughter.


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