A 18 Year-Old Waitress Received A Racist Comment Instead Of A Tip

In¬†Virginia, an 18 year-old girl called Sadie Elledge from Mexican heritage was insulted at Jess’ Lunch¬†when the couple that she served left a horrible comment on their tip receipt. They didn’t tip her but instead they wrote “we only tip citizens”. Sadie was so upset with the comment that she showed her boss who was furious, she even showed her grandfather who posted it on to Facebook. The couple’s insult became viral on the internet that they came back to have an argument with the boss at Jess’ Lunch.

Sadie didn’t receive an apology from the couple but instead she received tons of love from people that heard about the story. They sent her sweet messages to her Facebook and even popped into the restaurant to give her a great big hug.


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