A 19 Year-Old Employee Was Attacked By A Customer Over A Small Issue Leaving Her Scarred

A teenage employee called Victoria Repine was attacked by a customer at Wendy’s drive-thru when the customer asked for a straw. The pregnant 19 year-old employee was pulled through drive-thru window as she was brutally beaten up, she had no idea why the customer was so angry and aggressive towards her.┬áVictoria’s mother spoke out as she was very upset that her daughter’s face had been scarred from a simple misunderstanding over a plastic straw. She was confused to why someone would want to attack an employee especially over a small issue, she has been looking after her daughter ever since the incident.

Employees should not have to face any level of abuse from customers, this poor girl was treated badly and wants justice to be served for what the customer did to her face.


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