A 3 Year-Old Girl Completely Obsessed With Makeup And Her Insecurities

Back in 2006, a worried mother spoke to Oprah Winfrey on The Oprah Show about her 3 year-old’s obsession with makeup. She told Oprah that she couldn’t figure out why her daughter kept complaining about her looks and her insecurities. She would often tell her daughter how beautiful she was but couldn’t understand why her daughter didn’t feel it. That’s when Oprah addressed that speaking about beauty could often lead to misunderstanding of physical beauty instead of inner beauty.

Oprah advised the mother to speak more about inner beauty and see how her daughter would react towards it. Just nine years later Oprah invited the mother and daughter back on to her show to see how she had progressed, and she was pleasantly delighted to hear how she had overcome her insecurities of wanting to wear makeup. She spoke about how her perception of beauty changed when her mother would tell her to do more acts of kindness to make her beautiful from within.


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