A Boy Born Without Cheekbones Who Couldn’t Be Happier With Julia Roberts movie called “Wonder”

A 13 year-old boy called Nathaniel Newman was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, his parents Russell and Magda Newman have been very supportive with his syndrome. But they couldn’t control people’s reactions towards their son he often would face bullying. But things started to change when the Julia Roberts movie called “Wonder” was released, the movie was about a boy with Treacher Collins syndrome. The movie was based on a book but Russell and Magda couldn’t be any happier as it changed the way people looked at their child.

Nathaniel was born without cheekbones, eye sockets and ears as he struggled growing up around bullies. But he feels that he is accepted and is happy that the movie shed light on his syndrome, he even met with Christina Aguilera since he loved her song “Beautiful”.


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