A Cheerleader Talks About The Misconceptions Of Tourette Syndrome That Are Shown On TV

A cheerleader called Jane Hamilton is 14 years-old and has Tourette Syndrome, but she doesn’t let it get in the way. She has worked very hard on being a cheerleader, she wants to represent all the students at her school who suffer from Tourette Syndrome and wants to show them that she is not a quitter. Jane battles the misconceptions of the syndrome, she believes that it has been badly portrayed on T.V shows and in movies. She talks about how it doesn’t involve swearing, as she knows that many people stereotype her in such a way.

She is a strong girl with an amazing personality, she was worried about joining the cheerleading team at her school but her coach has been very supportive towards her. She is now performing really well at cheerleading performances, as her smile shows that she is in control of her Tourette Syndrome.


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