A Chilling Moment For These Two Children Who Had To Testify In Front Of Their Mother Who Killed Their Father

A 9 year-old girl testified along with her brother in court in front of their mother as they confessed how much they hated her. The children were in the house at the time of their father’s murder, their mother had shot their father. Their mother told them that their father had fallen off a chair as she refused to let her children see what really happened to him. She tried to take her children out to eat and even packed a getaway bag with their passports. But police found her shortly as neighbours reported the murder after her suspicious behaviour.

She was arrested as she confessed to murdering her husband and tried to claim that he had been abusing her and was worried for her own safety. Her children hated the sight of her and never wanted to see her again after what she had done, she was sentenced to prison for murder.


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