A Chilling Phonecall To A Dispatcher After A 13 Year-Old Boy Killed His Sister

A disturbing phonecall to a dispatcher from a 13 year-old boy called Paris Bennett had stabbed his 4 year-old sister to death. He stabbed her 17 times as he left her bleeding and dead over the bed, he thought by killing her he would have his mother all to himself again. Their mother was left shocked and disgusted for what had happened, she couldn’t believe that her son would kill her daughter. The troubled boy was sent to prison in Texas for his crime.

He was questioned in prison for what he had done, as he said that he was troubled for his actions. He felt deep regret for killing his sister, but felt it was the only way at the time. His mother visits him often in prison to make sure that he is okay, she has forgiven him.


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