A Couple Saw This Stray Dog On The Side Of The Road And Decided To Change His Life Around

A couple were passing by on a busy street when they saw a puppy stray dog running around on the road. They decided to rescue the poor stray dog but they decided to take the patient approach, they stood there on the side of the road for a while until the puppy became comfortable with their presence. The puppy then came over and held his paw out to them, that’s when they realised they had become friends with the puppy.

With a closer inspection they realised that the poor dog was covered in fleas and ticks so they rushed him to their local vet. The puppy was diagnosed with demodectic mange as they prescribed him with medication and gave him a special bath. The couple later named himĀ Fram as they took him home and gave him a new life. They did a great job as they rescued the stray dog and turned his life around.


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