A Father Wanted To Give His Daughter A Magical Surprise, With The Help Of Snow White

Alyssa, a 4 year-old girl went to Disneyland with her 14 month-old brother and her mother. She missed her father very much, but he was away in Afghanistan, but he wanted to surprise her. So Alyssa was having a fun day with her family at Disneyland when Snow White told her to make a wish at the wishing well. She told Alyssa to close her eyes, as Alyssa wished for her father to come back home.

As Alyssa opened her eyes, her father appeared as he wanted to surprise his daughter. She could not believe it; her father knelt down as if he was a prince greeting his princess. The magical moment was perfect; the children were so happy to see their father. The mother was pleased that the surprise plan worked out well, she thanked the Disney team for being incredible. What a magical surprise!


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