A Father’s Pushes His Son To Live His Dream And Not His Son’s Dream. But Does Something Remarkable And Puts A Smile On His Son’s Face

This advert raises awareness of fathers supporting their children’s dreams, after all fathers are our first heroes!

A father entered his son’s room to find him watching tap-dancing on his phone, and he had realised over a period of time that it was his son’s dream to tap dance. But instead he bought his son judo uniform to take him to judo classes. His son did not seem impressed as it was not his dream to learn judo, but he decided that he would impress his father by taking judo classes. On the way to his classes daily, a group of bullies would say mean things to him while his father would hold him by the arm and walk past them. His son mastered the art of judo by training and taking his time out to perfect his moves, he eventually won a trophy for his hard work. The father was so impressed, that one day he came home and surprised him with tap-dancing uniform which shocked the son. This was the fathers way to push his son to live his dream without any fears, and by making him learn judo for his own protection against the bullies. So one day when he walked past the bullies by himself, he gave them a look which confused them as they realised he had become tougher inside. What a great lesson!


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