A Girl Was Walking Home From School One Day When THIS Happened!

In 2014, there were more than 460,000 entries for missing children and 73% of the missing children involved the suspect driving a vehicle. It is hard to accept that children are harmed everyday right under our noses, so we need to be more aware of our children’s safety.

The rules you should teach and remind your children are:
1. Never get in the car with a stranger.
2. Stay away from suspicious cars and ignore them.
3. Both genders could be dangerous, so don’t trust either a male or female.
4. Kick and scream to draw as much attention as you can to get help.
5. Say NO confidently.
6. Walk with other school children who live nearby.
7. Keep valuables and house keys hidden at all times.
8. Pay attention to surroundings when walking.
9. Trust your instincts; if it feels wrong, it is probably wrong.
10. Finally, be strong, be aware and be confident!


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