A Mom Went Into The Garage For 1 Minute And Came Out To Find Her Son Missing

A family dog saved a toddler from drowning, 14-month-old Stanley Drauch fell into the swimming pool as their Black Labrador dog jumped in and saved his life. Patricia Drauch, the mom could not believe it as it happened within minutes, she had gone off to the garage to get a gardening tool. When she came back out she couldn’t see Stanley anywhere, but then she saw him in the pool.

She was devastated to see Stanley as his lips had gone blue and his eyes had rolled back, she thought he was floating but at a closer look she saw Bear the dog was balancing him on his back. She called 911 but she was unable to receive help, so she drove all her children to the closest fire station. They were able to give him urgent care and sent him to the hospital. Stanley was alive and fine because of Bear the hero!


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