A Mother And Daughter Kicked A 20 Year-Old In The Face After A Heated Argument

It was a horrific moment for 20 year-old Emily Bailey when she was cut off while driving, things escalated very quickly. Emily stopped at a red traffic light when a 49 year-old woman called Kelly Gamberling and her 20 year-old daughter Alicia stepped out of their car. They threatened Emily as they asked her to step out of her car, but she refused to so they dragged her out. She was then beaten by Alicia who pushed Emily’s head into the pavement and continued to kick her aggressively.

A man saw the attack while he was driving and stopped to clear the air from what looked like a heated argument. But he was in shock that Emily was unconscious on the floor, the police pulled up at the same time. Mother and daughter were both arrested with aggravated battery.


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