A Mother Placed Her 14 Month-Old Daughter In The Oven Alive And Was Surprised When She Was Saved

A mother who burned her child alive, Melissa Wright wasn’t in the right state of mind when she put her daughter Ashley Smith who was only 14 months-old into the oven. Her mother was seen by the older sister Courtney Smith who was only 8 years-old at the time, she saw her mother remove the oven rails and set the oven to “broil”. Then she placed Ashley into the oven and shut the door, moments later the girl’s father heard the crying and screaming and quickly rushed to save his daughter.

Melissa Wright was then convicted for attempted murder as Ashley was sent to hospital for her burns. Melissa was sentenced to spend 25 years in jail as her daughter Courtney thinks that she should be released. Fourteen years later Ashley spoke up about how she has no feelings towards her biological mother and that she should not get away for the attempted murder.

The two sisters went to war in the court room as they were on opposing sides when they spoke to the judge about their mother. Courtney was in tears as the judge did not favour in her wish for her mother to be released earlier than her expected date.


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