A Mother Spoke Out To Her Son’s Murderers As She Pitied Them For Their Actions

A mother called Clarissa Seaton spoke to her son’s murderers for the first time in court, they murdered her 17 year-old son called Isaiah Blue. The two boys involved in the murder were 18-year-old Savickas and 16-year-old Daniel Benavides, they shot Isaiah once in the chest and three times in his back. Daniel was charged for second degree murder as he participated in the crime. He was also sentenced to spend 20 to 40 years in prison as Clarissa felt sorry for him.

She had a special message to say to Daniel for his crime, she cried and told him that he was too young to be involved in such a crime. She wanted to forgive him as she pitied him for taking part in her son’s murder, he responded back to her with an apology for his actions. It was a touching moment in court for the mother to feel sorry for one of her son’s murderers.


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