A Social Experiment To Show People’s Reactions Towards A Businessman And A Homeless Man

Joseph Costello has known Sandy Shook for a while now, Sandy has been homeless and Joseph has helped him get back on track. Joseph decided to do a social experiment to see how the public would react when Sandy asks for money, while wearing a suit and then normal clothes.

Joseph took Sandy to get a haircut and buy him a new suit, and transformed him into a businessman. He told Sandy to stand in front of a hotel with a phone in his hand, while he asked for spare change for his coffee. Many people stopped and spared him some change, then a homeless man came by and gave change too.

Joseph then took a moment to give the homeless man some money, he was amazed at the homeless man’s kind gesture. Then Sandy changed into a T-shirt and jeans while he repeated the same experiment. But this time no one stopped to give him money, everyone ignored him and walked straight past him. This experiment sadly showed that members of the public were willing to give money to someone dressed in a suit rather than someone dressed in normal clothes.

We shouldn’t treat people differently, whether they are homeless or a businessman.