A Teenage Girl Was Suffering From Depression As She Asked For Her Hair To Be Shaven Off

A hairstylist called Kayley knew exactly what to do when a teenage girl turned up at her salon who hadn’t washed her hair in months. The teenage girl was suffering from depression as she was unable to get out of bed, her hair matted down as a result since she had not washed it in a long time. She turned up at her local hair salon where she met Kayley and asked her to just shave it all off. But Kayley couldn’t do that to a 16 year-old girl, she knew something was wrong and decided to spend 13 hours helping the teenage girl feel pretty again.

She told the young lady that she was amazing and beautiful as she was trying to help her depression, after 13 hours the teenage girl was smiling with her new hairdo. Kayley didn’t charge the teenage girl as she wanted to just be kind and loving towards her, her sweet gesture went a long way on the internet. Many people praised Kayley for having such a sweet soul, they were in tears when they heard the story.


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