A Truck Driver Tried To Take Advantage Of A 16 Year-Old Girl When He Offered To Drive Her

On the show “What Would You Do?” the team set up a social experiment to see how member’s of the public would react to hearing a conversation between a 16 year-old and a trucker. The two actors were trying to get people’s attention to see what they would do. The girl asked locals where the nearest bus stop was as the trucker overheard as offered to give her a lift.

But those that overheard the conversation were not happy about the situation and felt the need to act fast. They told her not to leave with the stranger as she may never be found alive, but the girl acted nervous as she wasn’t sure on what to do. One couple invited her to sit with them as the woman hugged her and told her that everything was going to be okay. That’s when John Quinones stepped in and told the couple that he was glad to see what they did in a horrible situation like that.


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