A Very Different Twist On Bride’s Father Walking Her Daughter Down The Aisle! How Original

On her big day, Maria Holand Tøsse the bride wanted to walk down the aisle with a twist! Her ceremony set in Alesund Church was like no other! She made her entrance by holding a microphone in her hand as she began to sing the classic “You Raise Me Up” in her angelic voice. She looked beautiful in her white gown as she walked into the church so gracefully beside her father. Her smooth voice echoed inside the church as the groom was so delighted to watch her walk towards him. He didn’t expect her to have such a unique and beautiful entrance, but I guess that is one of the many reasons why he chose to marry her!

The groom was also in for another surprise when the bride’s father took the microphone and sang his lyrics of giving his daughter away for marriage, how original! The guests were so happy to listen to them sing and make their way down the aisle. Such an inspiring video and a breath of fresh air!


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