A Veteran Was Approached In The Grocery Store And Couldn’t Believe What Happened NEXT

It’s Thanksgiving and FOX5 Surprise Squad were looking for families to surprise in the grocery store. They came across many families at the checkouts and paid for their shopping.

The store director named James House was so pleased with the generous gesture, he said “it was a great way to give back to the community.”

They came across one local veteran named Victor Moss, as they offered to pay for his shopping, he politely rejected and said “give it to someone who need it, mam”. But the presenter insisted and he accepted the gesture, as he walked to get his Thanksgiving food from the shelves he broke down into tears. He said he was disabled and so was his fiancĂ©, and he appreciated the help as the holiday season can be a tough time.

He thanked FOX5 for giving him a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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