A Woman Adopted A Boy Who Turned Into Her Very Own Hero 27 Years Later. He Was A Gift To Her The Moment She Saw Him

Ingeborg Macintosh adopted Jordan when he was just 4 months-old, she initially had fostered him since birth, she said “they placed him in my arms and it was love at first sight”. But the requirements were that he would have to go into an African-American or a biracial home, and she was wiling to fight for him. So at 4 years-old no one had adopted him and she was glad to adopt him.

Then 27 years later Ingeborg became sick with a kidney disease and she needed an urgent transplant, and Jordan happened to be the perfect match. He wanted to donate his kidney to his mother as it was his way of repaying her back for the love and care she has given him since birth. He said “everything she’s ever done for me since I was a kid, I just want to give it back to her.” He became her very own hero and a miracle, she knew he would bring happiness into her life the moment she looked into his eyes when he was a baby. So beautiful!


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