A Woman Lost Her Baby And Didn’t Want To Throw The Crib Away. What This Man Did Was Amazing

In Cokato a man called Gerald Kumpula loves to collect old items and give them a new purpose, so one day he went over a garage sale and found a baby’s crib he wanted to buy. The woman Valarie Watts who owned the crib was grieving from her loss, she had lost her baby son Noah. Her final days of her pregnancy took an emotional turn as she soon became to realise that he would not survive.

Her son unfortunately did not survive and she found it hard to let go of the items she had bought him. One of the items was his crib which she was emotionally attached to, she wasn’t planning to sell it but it caught Gerald’s eye at the garage sale.

When Gerald bought the crib he soon became to realise that she was holding on to it as it was her memory. So he decided to turn the crib into a chair and gifted it back to her, she was crying tears of joy due to his act of kindness. Gerald felt that it was the right thing to do, as she could keep the bench inside her house as a memorial bench.


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