A Woman With An Amazing Talent Turns It Into A Career. But It Is Also Very Creepy. Watch To See Why

A woman named Stephanie appeared on the show “The Doctors” where four doctors sit on the panel and discuss important issues that give their audiences an expert’s insight. Stephanie shared her talent with the audience and talked about her love for creating dolls that resemble new borns. She spends 12 hours of her day creating dolls, perfecting their appearance to make them look realistic. It started off as a hobby collecting dolls ever since she was a young girl, and her love for dolls drove her to create them, which has become a successful business for her.

Stacy Kaiser, who is a psychotherapist joined Stephanie on the show to give her insight to why women like to carry dolls. She claims that it is healthy only up until the point where it becomes an obsession which can become a problem. Also those like to carry dolls should be constantly reminded that they are not real so they don’t develop an unhealthy obsession. But overall it’s okay and should not be a problem. What are your thoughts on this topic?


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