A Young 14 Year-Old Girl Saves Up And Does Something Amazing With Her Money. Truly Inspiring

It is hard to believe that a 14 yer-old girl became one of the youngest homeowners! Her story is so inspiring!

Willow Tufano, at 14 years-old bought her very first house with her mother. She is homeschooled, and during her free time she would search on websites or other peoples rubbish to find pieces that were worthy of selling. She invested in quality pieces and her favourites were electronic, video games and appliances, she made $6000 by buying and selling. She had no idea what to do with the money but keep saving up, then one day she heard about a house up for sale in Florida, which its original value on the market was $100,000 dollars but had dropped significantly to only just $16,000.

She asked her mother if she wanted to buy the house with her, and her mother was surprised but agreed with the plan. So Willow and her mother made a $12,000 offer, meaning Willow would pay the $6000 she had made. Their offer got accepted, and they successfully bought the house which they redecorated and gave it up for rent for $700 a month. Willow made the right decision, which made her one of the youngest homeowners. What a smart girl!


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