A Young Man Was Selling Candy Outside Target When An Old Woman Interrupted Him

An old woman was bullying a young man outside of Target for selling candy. She yelled at him for not having a license to sell, everyone stopped to watch what was happening. A man stood up for the young man and defended him from the woman, he disagreed with her opinion and told her that he’s not doing anything wrong. In fact, he wanted to stand up for the young man, that he asked to buy his entire stock.

The young man calculated his candy to be worth almost $80 and the man was more than happy to buy it all. He went inside Target to get the cash as the angry woman watched, she was not happy. The man bought the candy and gave it away for free to everyone who was watching. As he peacefully protested, he not only stood up for the young man but also showed that there is absolutely no place for bullying.


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