Adorable Bright Young Girl With A Rare Disease Shows Off Her New Outfits And Keeps Smiling

An adorable young girl called Audrey Nethery has a rare bone marrow syndrome called Diamond Blackfan Anemia. She does a great job by raising awareness for her rare disease, she has appeared on Zumba before and has met with several celebrities. She has her very own YouTube channel where she talks and connects with her fans across the world.

Audrey is just like any other girl who loves to go shopping and buy new outfits, she bought two new outfits for Spring and Summer which she wanted to show off to her fans. The first outfit was a pretty pink dress as she matched it with her silver boots and gave us a twirl. Her second outfit was a chic blue dress, with a seahorse print and matching sparkly sandals. Her mini fashion show was adorable to watch as she twirled around like a princess.


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