An Amazing Woman Dedicates her Life To Rescuing And Looking After Elephants. Watch To See What Makes Her Special

In Kenya Daphne Sheldrick has a great understand of elephants especially baby elephants. She had learned many things by spending her life with elephants such as life lessons and compassion, she also has children and grandchildren of her own and can often find comparisons between elephant families and her own.

Daphne tells a tragic story of when she first started looking after a baby orphan elephant, she fed her daily and made sure she took her to bed every night, but Daphne left for four days to attend her daughters wedding only to come back and find her baby elephant had died from a broken heart. From that moment she learnt that they are the same as family. Her orphan elephants will be dependent on humans, as she has more help than before making sure to look after them properly. She is doing something amazing for these elephants, as she is an great woman!


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