An Incredible Day For One Waitress Whilst Working. She Stayed Cool As A Cucumber As She Juggled Many Surprises That Came Her Way

One amazing waitress called Chelsea Roth has been working for a long time at Spring St. Smoke House. She works very hard, always makes sure her colleagues are happy, looks after her younger sister and teaches non-profit yoga in her spare time as she has been doing for many years to overcome her eating disorder. So her colleagues felt that it was time to call in some pranksters and shake up her usual day a little. So ‘Prank It Fwd’ came together to set up surprises, so they had customers leave treats. The first customer Chelsea served left her $1000 dollars tip, the second were a couple who gave her tickets to Hawaii, the third customer asked Chelsea to work for her as a yoga teacher, and the final customer gave her a pair of car keys to a brand new car in which her good friend was sitting inside. Chelsea Roth was so overwhelmed with the surprises that she couldn’t stop jumping with joy! All the members behind the prank came out to thank her for being a wonderful person.

Her colleague said “No one else is more deserving than Chelsea, it is extremely inspiring for me in my life.” They were all so pleased as Chelsea deserved all those treats, and she couldn’t stop crying. So next time you come across a hard working amazing waiter or waitress, make sure to tip him/her generously to show appreciation for wonderful members of the society.


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