An Interesting Experiment To Test A 15 Month-Old Baby’s Behaviour On Playing With Objects

Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences, University of Washington carried out an experiment to test a 15-month-old baby’s behaviour. The experimenter started off the experiment by giving the toddler a toy to play with, he was asked to open the box and take out the green toy inside. Then the experimenter took out a beaded necklace and a glass jug, she placed the beads inside the jug as it made a rattling noise, she repeated it three times for the toddler to learn.

A second adult entered the room and sat next to the experimenter, the experimenter placed the beaded necklace in the glass jug again. But this time the second adult said that the noise was “aggravating” and “annoying” in an angry tone. The experimenter placed the beaded necklace and glass jug in front of the toddler to see what he would do.

The toddler didn’t touch the objects, instead he observed the adult’s faces and emotions as he knew not to play with the objects, he didn’t want to get into trouble. It was an interesting experiment to observe the behaviour of a toddler.


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