An Unstable Man Got Himself Into A Tricky Situation At The Zoo With Lions

A 46 year-old unstable man called Zhang Ho Chan got himself into a dangerous situation at the zoo with two lions. He was on drugs and wasn’t quite aware of his own actions, he had jumped into the lion’s den and caused a bit of a stir. The lion attacked Zhang several times in order to scare him away but Zhang didn’t move, in fact he stayed for quite a while. The lioness was also feeling threatened as she helped her male partner scare him off.

But nothing was working so the zoo authorities had to make a quick decision, they decided to tranquillise the lions and use a water hose pipe. They successfully managed to rescue the unstable man from getting killed, Zhang later said that he wasn’t aware of his actions due to the alcohol and drugs. He was sent back to his psychiatric unit where he decided to change his life around and get off drugs. Luckily no one was harmed but things could have easily gone wrong.


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