‘Another Kind of Blue’ Showed Off Their Creative Performance On Britain’s Got Talent. They Left The Judges Speechless

A performance group called ‘Another Kind of Blue’ came to audition on Britain’s Got Talent. The group of five members created a stunning performance and wanted to show a huge audience, two of the members performed the dance while the other three worked behind the scenes.

As they stood on the stage, Simon Cowell asked a few questions and then said “Show us and don’t tell us” as he wanted them to surprise him. They quickly got into place and started their performance, they had a camera set up above the stage which directly projected onto the screen behind them. They used creative multimedia skills to perform, and it was fantastic! The judges were speechless throughout the whole performance as they did not expect to see such a creative dance.

The group’s hard work surely paid off when they wowed all the judges and audiences. Their spectacular performance surely made history!


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