Blind Man Who Does Something That Amazes Everyone, But He Couldn’t Have Done It Without His Father. Wonderful

Patrick Henry Hughes was born without his eyes, his parents at first were stressed at why their son was born with difficulties but then soon started to realise he was a miracle. Patrick started to play the piano from a very young age, he would follow his mothers fingers on the piano and learn from her. By his 2nd birthday he started taking requests, and would play the piano accordingly to songs like “You are my sunshine” and “Twinkle twinkle little star”.

His father realised that he may not able to get his son into sports but can surely have a great time with him through music. As he got older, his talent grew with him and when he joined university he was asked to be part of the marching band as his talent was well known by everyone. His father supported his son through his journey of playing the trumpet in the marching band, by pushing his wheelchair across the field with his marching members. What a supportive and wonderful father!


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