Bride Almost Killed Herself As She Participated In “Trash The Dress” Trend

Bride Amy Zuno almost drown when she was trashed her wedding dress as she jumped off a boat. The trend called “Trash The Dress” started in Las Vegas, the idea behind it is to show commitment to your spouse that you will never get married again and reuse the dress. Many people think it’s a bizarre idea, but some brides take part in the trend. Brides usually hire professional photographers to take shots of them while trashing their dresses.

Bride Amy didn’t think her trashing through when she jumped off a boat and got caught up in her own dress underwater. She couldn’t breathe as her husband tried to find her face under the dress, bridesmaids even jumped in to rescue her. Amy was very lucky to have survived with the help of her friends and family, she says that she doesn’t regret it.


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