Can You Reverse The Stages Of A Banana Rotting? Well There May Be A Simple Trick That Can Do So! Amazing!

Brandon Queen shows us how easy it is to reverse a banana from rotting by using things found around the house, he starts off by getting a banana that has turned brown. He then pours uncooked rice into a Ziplock bag and places the banana inside, making it’s air tight. He leaves it for about an hour, and then opens the bag to take the banana out, although it does not change it colour it does help the banana regain its freshness.

The next step involves a hairdryer and this is where the magic happens! He sets the hairdryer to the warm air setting and holds the banana against it, and it starts to magically to turn yellow again! It’s almost hard to believe that the banana looks ripe again!

What an interesting life hack, it will save all your rotten bananas! So think twice before throwing that rotten banana away!


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