Child Predator Experiment Went Terribly Wrong Within Seconds When She Opened The Door

Joey Salad’s and his team decided to pull a child predators experiment to catch the predators out there. Their team member “Sarah” pretended that she was 15 years-old as she had set up a fake social media account, she had men contact her through the social media platform. She then gave the men her address to a hotel which she said she was staying in and told them her parents were out. Joey and his team hid in the bathroom as they were ready to confront the child predator, in this case they were even more surprised to realise that the child predator was actually a rapist who was about to rape Sarah.

The rapist was caught and reported to the police with footage from their cameras being submitted as proof. Joey wants to show the dangers of children talking to strangers on social media platforms and in this case he wanted to show how dangerous it can really be.


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