Chilling Confession Tape As Woman Killed Her Own Mother And Was Proud Of Her Actions

A shocking confession tape as Heather Mack confessed to killing her own mother behind bars, she was not sorry for her actions. She killed her mother in a hotel in Bali and stuffed her body in a suitcase which was found by the police. Heather did not regret her actions even though she was almost served with a death penalty but received 15 years in jail instead. Her boyfriend who took part in the murder was also convicted for the crime as he was sentenced to jail, later the couple had a baby in prison. The couple plan to raise their child for 2 years in prison as Heather feels nothing towards her mother, in fact she was proud of killing her mother.

Heather says that her mother was responsible for her father’s death in Athens, Greece so she wanted to get her cold revenge. The confession tape was certainly chilling to watch her emotionless face as she was proud of her actions.


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