Chilling Phone Call As Mom Shot Her Two Daughters To Get Revenge On Her Husband

Police officers rushed to the scene after chilling phone calls that came from a family who were shot dead by Christy Sheats. A neighbour had also called to report the incident that he saw with his own eyes from his window, he couldn’t believe that a mother would kill her own two daughters on the street. The shootings started when Christy asked for a family meeting in the living room when her two daughters and husband came downstairs, she was apparently holding a gun and told her husband Jason that she was going to punish him.

She pointed the loaded gun at her daughters and chased them out of the house as she shot them dead, Jason Sheats ran to safety as Christy was shot dead by the police as she refused to drop her gun. Jason was left alive as he was traumatised after the horrific murder, he was very upset that he lost both his daughters and his wife.


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