Couple Didn’t Realise They Would End Up Adopting Four Children In Less Than 24 Hours

A couple adopted 4 children in just 24 hours, Kaley and Jeremy Carling were trying all their luck to adopt as they couldn’t have children of their own. They had agreed to adopt children at birth, but due to circumstances the birth mothers decided to keep their children. The couple waited for years to receive the good news about adoption, but they didn’t realise that they would be in for more.¬†Kaley and Jeremy Carling had signed up to adopt to young foster girls but decided to go on a trip to see another adoption offer. On their way back home with twin babies in their arms they received a call that the two young foster girl’s application had been successful.

So¬†Kaley and Jeremy Carling ended up with 4 children in just less than 24 hours, they couldn’t be happier with their big family. They have been adjusting to looking after all 4 children equally!


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