Cruise Ship Captain Had To Think Fast When He Was Alerted A Woman Had Fallen Off

A 53 year-old woman fell off a Norwegian Epic cruise ship in the night as she was taking a selfie in her balcony. She fell from 15 stories high into the pitch black sea, people heard her screaming as she fell down. She was floating in the water for almost an hour by the time the rescue boat found her, luckily she was still alive.

Once she was rescued and sent off to a hospital, the ship’s captain made an announcement that she was safe and alive. Everyone cheered on the cruise ship as they were happy that she did not die in the sea.¬†Sarah Kirby shared her experience on how she once fell into the sea from her curse ship and how terrified she was. She said it was a horrible experience, thinking that sharks could have eaten her alive but she too was lucky enough to be rescued.


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