Derby The Dog Who Was Very Happy With His New Prosthetic Legs. The Making Process Was Genius

Derby the Dog is known for his prosthetic legs, he suffered from congenital leg deformity which prevented him to live a normal life. Sherry Portanova who is his adopted parented wanted to do something that would change his life, she wanted to invest into prosthetic legs.

Sherry got in touch with Tara Anderson who is a designer that specialises in 3D printing, she asked Tara to design her dog prosthetic legs. So Tara took upon the ‘Derby Project’ and used her knowledge to create him legs, she tested different materials and heights during the process.

Tara initially started off with a lower height to help straighten out Derby’s back, she wanted him to get comfortable with the prosthetic legs. A few months later she upgraded her initial designs, trying to recreate the flexibility of a knee and used materials that would be lightweight but flexible.

Tara managed to perfect her final design as she sent it off to print in a 3D printer. She put the final prosthetic legs on Derby who seemed to love it. He could finally walk properly and sit down like a normal dog, his owner was very happy with final results. She was happy that Derby can live a happy and healthy life.


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