Devastated That Their Daughter Had Been Killed But Were Glad To Have Found Her Last Valuable Item

A tragic car accident of a 22 year-old nursing student called¬†Emily Clark left her family devastated as they are all shaken by the upsetting news. Emily was killed in a car accident with five other students when they were on their way home as a trailer hit into their car and crushed them to death. It was tragic for Emily’s family to have found out that she had been killed but they asked the police if there were any valuables of hers left on site.

Her sister had a dream where she found her sister’s phone from the site of the accident as she begged her parents to have a look. They thought it wouldn’t have survived the crash, but six months later police found Emily’s phone on the crash site. Her family were very upset but pleased to have found one last valuable item of hers that they could keep hold of forever. They managed to find many photos and videos of her that brought them back great memories. May she rest in peace!


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