Employee And Bar Manager Were Shocked When They Looked At The Tip They Received

In Fairfield, a group of men in their 30s to 40s went into a local bar to have a drink. The manager of the bar had a few conversations with them but he said that it was too busy for him to talk to them for too long. After the group of men were done with their drinks, they asked to pay the bill in private. That’s when employees alerted their manager that there could have been a problem with their service.

But when the manager looked at the receipt and cash he was given, he couldn’t believe it. The group of men known as “Tip for Jesus” gave a generous tip of $5000 with no explanation other than it was the holiday season. The manager was so thankful and couldn’t believe it as he shared the tip amongst his colleagues, some of the money was used to buy gifts for a local children’s hospital.


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