Ex-Husband Killed Son To Get Cold Revenge On The Mother, He Laughed In The Courtroom

A mother Ana Estevez who could not stop crying in the court room as she spoke up about her son’s murderer who was her ex-husband.¬†Aramazd Andressian took their son to Disneyland first and spent the whole day with him, then he killed the poor boy and dumped his body. He drove off to Las Vegas as he dyed his hair and had shaved his beard. But he was caught when he was found in his car filled with gasoline in attempt to commit suicide after what he had done, he showed no emotion in the court room. The mother of the child was in tears as she couldn’t believe the monster her ex-husband had become, she was disgusted that he laughed and joked around the courtroom.

Aramazd Andressian was convicted to 25 years in jail for committing murder, may his son rest in peace as he didn’t deserve a horrible father.


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