Fascinating Yet Scary Footage Recorded In Greenland. These Are the Very Signs Of Global Warming

Global warming is a have subject which is debated year after year, with scientists and geographists sharing their research and findings to conclude that global warming is taking place by the minute. Here is a footage of the largest glacier, showing just 75 minutes of what happened giving us a great understanding that nature is in danger!

Two nature lovers, Adam LeWinter and Jeff Orlowsk set up a camera in Greenland to record the worlds largest glacier over a period of time. They made sure the camera was sealed and waterproof incase of any weather damage, and they let the camera sit there. From watching back the footage they had recorded, they were shocked to see that the glacier split and crumbled into pieces! The results were beautiful to watch but also very scary to see what is happening to the planet! Astonishing!


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