Father Gets Arrested For Simply Confiscating His 15 Year-Old Daughter’s Phone

A man called Ronald Jackson was arrested for confiscating his 15 year-old daughter’s phone when she sent a mean text to his new partner’s daughter. He knew it was only right to punish her by not giving her phone back until she had apologised about the mean text, but things took a horrible turn. His daughter contacted her mother about her phone and got her father arrested for taking “$500” worth of property.┬áRonald couldn’t understand how a simple act took a big turn as he was handcuffed and taken to the police station.

Although there was good news as the judge ruled in his favour and dismissed the case by pleading him as not guilty. He found out that his ex-wife was dating a police officer from the same department and thought that must have had a big influence over the case as he felt bullied. He was glad the case was dropped as he thought it was ridiculous that he just wanted to discipline his daughter for being mean.


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